Alexis Orosa is a filmmaker and film photographer who places vulnerability, intimacy and the hidden moments of life at the centre of his work. Alexis loves bringing empathy to POC and queer stories for young people. Inspired by Hollywood New Wave, Wong Kar Wai films, Baroque tenebrism paintings and 90s anime, he brings a mix of Eastern and Western sensibilities to his work.

A graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Art’s (NIDA) Master of Fine Arts Program, Alexis brings a cinematic sensibility to all his work, where story and mood are front and centre. Like in films and plays, beauty comes from truthful moments and connection. He seeks to capture images as if they are still frames from the intimate movies that form our lives.

Alexis is available for portrait work, editorial and narrative assignments. He works almost exclusively with film. He specializes in working with actors, artists and musicians to capture their essence. He particularly welcomes working with LGBT and POC models and artists as well.

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There is nothing quite like film photography. The ‘film look’ is instantaneous and unmistakable. There is a something special about the colour, depth and effect of film. Images pop and photographs form texture.

Countless digital photographs attempt to emulate a filmic look, but nothing beats the colour and magic of the real thing. Medium format or 120 film in particular, exceeds the resolution and image quality of digital. The quality of the lenses gives a character unlike anything else possible digitally.

Film is timeless. It doesn’t age. It doesn’t go out of style and with the negatives, it archives forever. With film, we join with history to create something that will last generations.

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