How do we confront those who violate our bodies?  How do we heal? 

How do we forgive? 

I Have Only Known Grandeur In Ruins is a debut exhibition of intimate photographic and short film work that celebrates loss, trauma and overcoming pain. 

From the Costa Brava, to the sea-battered cliffs of Siracusa and ancient Corsica; to a shared bedroom in Sydney, we uncover a story of tragedy and love told in photographic and short film work for us to find and re-assemble after being exposed to fire, chemicals and intentional destruction.

Inspired by a shared love of Greek history and mythology, memories of a past relationship intrude upon the present and future where moments of pain, grief and healing are excavated and remixed.

Just like the Acropolis and its precious statues are in pieces, left for us to restore and piece together, by rearranging the ruins left in these portraits, perhaps we can find a way to confront, heal, forget and even forgive.


Puzzle Gallery

19-23 Wellington St, Chippendale

Dates: 15th - 29th March, 2024

Opening Night: 15th March 2024, 6-8pm

AGNSW Artist Talk: 23rd March, 2.45pm

Sponsored by Rewind Photo Lab's 

Exhibition Support Program

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